Sheet Pan Meals

You know those weeks where you feel like you don’t even have time to cook dinner? And sometimes you end up picking up takeout because it seems like the easiest option? This meal plan is for those kinds of weeks. We want to give you an option that allows you to throw something together quickly but still enjoy the taste of home cooked, healthy meals. Sheet pan dinners are the best because they minimize clean up by utilizing one cooking vessel and they make cooking mostly hands-off. We are providing you with four different dinner recipes that simply require you to throw everything on a sheet pan and bake in the oven for the most part. To save even more time, cut vegetables, make sauce or mix spices the night before or that morning if you are looking to speed up the process when it comes time for the actual cooking. Also, use parchment paper to make the clean up a breeze. This meal plan provides you with a healthy balance of poultry, fish, and red meat along with a variety of different colorful vegetables. Be sure to read the “to reduce waste and save time” tips for each dinner!

Dinner 1

Sheet Pan Greek Meatballs with Veggies and Chickpeas

This Sheet Pan Greek Meatballs with Veggies and Chickpeas is a delicious dinner that will make the whole family happy! The greek meatballs have a healthy dose of spinach and a nice bright lemon and herb flavor to complement the veggies and chickpeas. This largely hands-off cooking dinner is gluten-free and optionally dairy-free too! This meal makes the perfect leftovers for lunch as well!


To reduce waste and save time:

  • You will need another bell pepper and red onion for Dinner 2’s Sheet Pan Marinated Steak Tips with Veggies so purchase 2 of each. 
  • Save your leftover ½ eggplant and feta cheese for this week’s Non-Recipe Recipe.
  • Save leftovers for lunch!

Dinner 2

Sheet Pan Marinated Steak Tips with Veggies

This Sheet Pan Marinated Steak Tips with Veggies is a FABULOUS one pan steak dinner that is easy to make, flavor packed, with veggies and steak that are cooked just right! Plus, the balsamic sauce/marinade is our new favorite! It’s gluten-free, a full complete meal, and made with only one pan!


To reduce waste and save time:

Dinner 3

Sheet Pan Kielbasa Sausage and Sauerkraut Dinner

This Sheet Pan Kielbasa Sausage and Sauerkraut Dinner has unique flavors and is an easy way to get dinner on the table. Aside from prepping up a few veggies it’s largely hands-off cooking which means more time in your life! It’s Paleo and Whole30 friendly and will be a hit with the whole family. Take the leftovers to lunch!

To reduce waste and save time:

Dinner 4

Sheet Pan Cod with Vegetables in Lemon Herb Sauce

This sheet pan fish dish is a light and quick weeknight dinner you can get on the dinner from start to finish in just over a half an hour with minimal clean up! This sheet pan dinner is low carb for a nice light meal that is still going to leave you satisfied because it is packed with flavor and loaded with fresh, flavorful vegetables. 


To reduce waste and save time:

  • Don’t purchase the fish at the beginning of the week as fresh raw fish should only be held in the refrigerator for 2 days.


Roasted Cauliflower and Eggplant Pasta

Cook 2 cups of gluten-free pasta and drizzle with olive oil. Pan fry your leftover cauliflower and eggplant. Add onion and garlic and saute. Turn heat off and toss in canned diced tomatoes or chopped cherry tomatoes, cooked pasta, and feta cheese. Serve warm!


Baking Project

Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Cookies

Crispy on the outside and soft and chewy in the middle, these Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Cookies are the real deal. They’re also easy to put together, using just 1-bowl, 1 pan,l and no fancy equipment. Made without any refined sugar, and using nutrient-dense baking flours, this cookie is not only delicious, but one you can feel good about eating.

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