Sweet or Savory Protein Crepes

Who can resist a crepe? I mean really. A light wrap perfect for savory scrambled eggs or a berry/chocolate/nut butter mixture. Nothing better. Period.Sweet or Savory Protein CrepesI have attempted crepes so many times. I have seriously tried tons of recipes and have never been completely happy with the outcome. Until these. We absolutely loved them in my house! Sweet or Savory Protein Crepes


Sweet or Savory Protein Crepes

Total Time 0:00 Yields 4



  • In a bowl combine all ingredients and mix well (you can else blend in blender)
  • Heat a skillet and grease with grass-fed butter or oil of choice (butter is my preference here)
  • Pour batter into skillet and move skillet around so the batter spreads out thin
  • Once slightly bubbling, using a large spatula carefully flip your crepe
  • Let cook on the other side for 30-60 seconds and transfer to plate
  • Stuff with filling of choice and enjoy!
  • Recipe Notes

    1. I don't recommend using flavored protein powder in these!
    2. Sunbutter and banana slices
    3. Homemade jam, berries, and homemade granola
    4. Chocolate spread with fresh fruit
    5. Caramelized apples, pears, or bananas
    6. Berry compote
    7. Chicken Salad
    8. Egg scramble
    9. BLT
    10. Servings: 4
    11. Amount Per Serving: 1
    12. Calories: 169
    13. Fat: 10g
    14. Carbs: 6g
    15. Protein: 13g
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    Sweet or Savory Protein Crepes

    Sweet or Savory Protein Crepes

    Sweet or Savory Protein CrepesWhat is your favorite crepe filling? Savory or Sweet?

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