What To Do in Nashville: A Foodie’s Guide

What To Do in Nashville: A Foodie's Guide - Lexi's Clean Kitchen
Nashville has been on my list of cities to visit for a long time now, so when Mike surprised me with an anniversary trip, I was SO excited to explore. I sought out my lovely readers’ help for what to do and where to eat, and in a short 3 days, covered a good amount of ground! If you’re looking for what to do in Nashville, and especially where to eat, I have you covered!

Where We Stayed: 

We stayed in 506 Lofts which was seriously an amazing location. It was right on Church Street, and in walking distance to Broadway, the Ryman, and so much more. The loft is an industrial-modern style loft great amenities. The loft was clean, delicious snacks were there for us upon arrival, a french press with Frothy Monkey coffee, there’s a full kitchen, a laundry room in the building, and more. This is a great option for a stay right downtown in the city. I probably would be inclined to stay here without kids, because I think if I had children I may want to stay in a more family-oriented place, but we LOVED staying here. The location and the fun vibes of the loft (bonus points for the robes and slippers) were perfect for our stay.
What To Do in Nashville: A Foodie's Guide (506 Lofts)

Where We Ate:

Frothy Monkey (coffee)– We got coffee here each morning and were lucky since it was right around the corner from our loft! There also is a location on 12 south. I did hear they have good food too, but we didn’t try it. The Turmeric Latte (add espresso) made with almond milk was AMAZING. Their cold brew iced coffee was great, too. I think a re-creation is in the works for that turmeric latte. I’m sad to not have it this morning!
Butchertown Hall (brunch)– We loved brunch at Butchertown Hall. I got the chilaquiles with poached eggs and Mike got the sirloin steak stuffed poblano with poached eggs. The service was fabulous and the vibes were even cuter!
Mas Tacos (lunch)– Okay, this is a must. I was recommended to go to two taco places: Bartaco and Mas Tacos. I’ve been to Bartaco in a few other cities, so I didn’t feel the need to go in Nashville, so we opted for Mas Tacos. It’s about 10 minutes from the city with not much around it aside from The Pharmacy, which I hear has a killer burger, but well worth the trip. I’d go so far to say that the tacos were some of the best I’ve ever had, and I eat tacos! Also, the cuban black beans with plantains was an absolute game changer. We got the chicken taco, the beef taco, and the pork taco- and all were awesome!
Greko Greek Street Food (lunch)- This was one of my favorite meals of our trips. We were invited to dine here for lunch and I am seriously SO glad we did. The food is SO fresh and is made with only the highest quality ingredients, sparing no expense. The rosè and wines are even imported!  If you followed along this meal on my Instagram stories, you saw how awesome it looked. We ate a little bit of everything (for the most part), and I can’t recommend this spot for lunch or dinner. We are still craving the greek salad with their chicken. It was SO good. Their homemade frozen greek yogurt (pictured below) was an absolute game changer.
Hattie B’sI knew hot chicken was going to be splurge going into this trip. More than 20 of you recommended Hattie B’s, so we were sold. It was literally the best ever. Not gluten-free! Pro Tip: Order online and pick up! You can still eat it there, and you cut the whole line 😉
Edley’s BBQ– Edley’s was on our way back from Radnor Lake Park so we stopped in for a bite and it was DELICIOUS. The skillet corn and veggie side was delicious.
Five Daughter’s Bakery– They have paleo donuts for those that need to be strict, but since I have a little flexility now-a-days, we went big and got their traditional, takes-three-days-to-make cronuts and they were life-changing.
Jeni’s Ice Cream– I’ve loved Jeni’s for years now! The ice cream is made with grass-fed local dairy, and they have INSANE flavors. I highly recommend it!
Puckett’s– Many people told us to eat at Puckett’s for breakfast, but since we don’t really eat biscuits and waffles and things, we opted to go for some live music on Sunday night. I ordered their queso and it was the best splurge ever. It was loaded with vegetables and was actually quite light.
Pinewood Social Club– Fantastic drinks and fun vibes! We also ordered some appetizers which were good, too!
What To Do in Nashville: A Foodie's Guide (Greko Street Food)

What We Did:

The Valentine– On Broadway, aka bachelor/bachelorette party mecca. We went here for rooftop music & drinks! Great live musicians and vibes. Definitely less intense than Honky Tonk or Tootsies.
Grand Ole Opry– For a show! This was so much fun and I highly recommend going if you have time. It’s about a 20-minute drive from downtown, and the show is roughly 2 1/2 hours. Book tickets in advance! We didn’t do the tour with it but I definitely would next time.
Hiking/Walking Trails at Radnor Lake Park– about 20 minutes from downtown. Beautiful lake trails, and a few more challenging paths. Also a scenic drive to the park where you get to see some big and gorgeous homes on the Brentwood line (border of Nashville and Brentwood).
Walk around 12 South– An up-and-coming area in Nashville. It’s on the way back from Radnor Lake Park, so you can head there post-hike/walk! It has Eldey’s BBQ, Jeni’s Ice Cream, Five Daughter’s Bakery, Franklin’s Juice Company, and more!
Centennial Park– We walked through Centennial Park on our way home from brunch at Butchertown Hall. We ended up catching an 1864-style baseball game which was really neat, and everyone was super friendly!
Country Music Hall of Fame– We actually didn’t love this, but probably because we are newer to the country music scene. If you love old-school country and history, you may enjoy!
Take a Photo at an Iconic Nashville Mural-  The popular I believe in Nashville mural is a great touristy photo-op! It’s in 12 South right near Eldey’s BBQ, Jeni’s Ice Cream, Five Daughter’s Bakery, Franklin’s Juice Company, and more.
What To Do in Nashville: A Foodie's Guide (Grand Ole Opry)

On Our List, But Not Enough Time:

Crema (for coffee)
Red Bicycle (for Coffee)
Pancake Pantry (for breakfast)
Biscuit Love (for breakfast)
Loveless Cafe (for Breakfast)
Two Ten Jack (for ramen, lunch or dinner)
Butcher and Bee (for brunch, lunch, or dinner)
Martin’s BBQ (for lunch)
5th and Taylor (for dinner)
Etch (for lunch or dinner)
Kanye Prime (for dinner)
Husk (for dinner)
Fidos  (for dinner, apparently best veggie burger)
Moto (for dinner)
Rolf & Daughters (for dinner)
Ryman (for a tour or a show)
The Listening Room (for live music)
The Southern (for drinks)
Wild Horse Saloon (for drinks)
Patterson house (for drinks)
Blue Bird Cafe (for live music, we tried but couldn’t get tickets)
Franklin’s Juice Company (for a snack/ healthy juice)

Photo Dump!

What To Do in Nashville: A Foodie's Guide (Mas Tacos)Mas Tacos

What To Do in Nashville: A Foodie's Guide (Hattie B's_Hattie B’s

What To Do in Nashville: A Foodie's Guide (Greko Street Food)Greko

What To Do in Nashville: A Foodie's Guide (Greko Street Food)Greko

What To Do in Nashville: A Foodie's Guide (Frothy Monkey)Frothy Monkey

What To Do in Nashville: A Foodie's Guide (Butchertown Hall)Butchertown Hall

What To Do in Nashville: A Foodie's Guide (Eldey's BBQ)Eldey’s BBQ

What To Do in Nashville: A Foodie's Guide (Grand Ole Opry)Grand Ole Opry

This was not a sponsored trip, though we did receive a few discounts and a media pass for attractions around the city. All opinions are always, 100% my own! I can’t wait to go back to Nashville!

Have you been to Nashville? What would you add to this list?

5-Ingredient Buffalo Chicken Baked Hummus Dip [VIDEO]

5-Ingredient Buffalo Chicken Baked Hummus Dip (gluten-free) - Lexi's Clean Kitchen

This 5-Ingredient Buffalo Chicken Baked Hummus Dip is the perfect lightened-up appetizer to serve for game-day or for any gathering! It is simple to prepare, made with minimal ingredients, has all of the buffalo chicken flavors you love, and it’s made with a healthy, creamy alternative: hummus.5-Ingredient Buffalo Chicken Baked Hummus Dip (gluten-free) - Lexi's Clean Kitchen

If you’ve never had warm hummus and think it sounds strange, you simply need to try it. It is SO good!

5-Ingredient Buffalo Chicken Baked Hummus Dip (gluten-free) - Lexi's Clean Kitchen

The first time I tried a baked hummus appetizer was on our Hampton’s Retreat. We made Liz’ Mexican Layered Hummus Dip and I was SOLD. I knew I had to make a version for LCK that you guys would absolutely love, too!

5-Ingredient Buffalo Chicken Baked Hummus Dip (gluten-free) - Lexi's Clean Kitchen

It’s creamy, healthy, lightened-up, so flavorful, and made with only FIVE ingredients. You can also prep this earlier in the day, or the day before, and then bake it right before serving. Party WIN.

5-Ingredient Buffalo Chicken Baked Hummus Dip (gluten-free) - Lexi's Clean Kitchen

5-Ingredient Buffalo Chicken Baked Hummus Dip

Preparation 5 minutes 2017-09-20T00:05:00+00:00 Cook Time 15 minutes 2017-09-20T00:15:00+00:00 Serves 6     adjust servings



For Serving

  • Cucumber slices
  • Carrot spears
  • Tortilla chips
  • Plantain Chips


1. Pre-heat oven to 350ºF.
2. In a large bowl add chicken, hot sauce, and black pepper. Mix until combined. Add in hummus and mix well.
3. Pour mixture into an 8x8 baking dish. Spread evenly and top with cheese.
4. Bake for 15-20 minutes until cheese is melted and golden.
5. Top with garnishes and serve warm with cut-up vegetables and tortilla chips

There may be affiliate links in this post! By clicking on them, or purchasing recommended items I may receive a small compensation, at no cost to you! However, I only recommend products I absolutely love and use in my own home! Thank you for supporting Lexi's Clean Kitchen when you shop! See my disclosure policy for more info!

How to Build a Nourishing Bowl

I love building a nourishing bowl for any type of meal. It’s a great meal prep option because you can roast veggies, dice veggies, and prepare your proteins ahead of time and have nourishing meals all week long! Meal prep bowls for the win! This guide on How to Build a Nourishing Bowl is my staple list of how I build a perfect bowl! Made in partnership with Farmhouse Culture.

How to Build a Nourishing Bowl - Lexi's Clean Kitchen

I am so excited to partner with my friends at Farmhouse Culture for today’s infographic! Their Kimchi and Fermented Vegetables are a staple in my fridge, and are a go-to when adding some extra probiotics and nutrients to a meal, that are especially great for digestion!  All of their products are paleo-friendly, Whole 30-compliant, naturally fermented, made with all organic ingredients and without any added sugars!

Let’s break down how to build an awesome bowl!

Leafy Bases: 2 cups total

Romaine Lettuce

Spring Greens

Kale: Destemmed, chopped, and massaged with oil and lemon

Mesclun greens


Baby Spinach



Mustard greens

Swiss chard

Carbs: 1/2 cup total

Roasted Sweet Potato: try this recipe here



Butternut Squash

Spaghetti Squash

Roasted Plantains

Corn (starchy veggies): local whenever possible

Peas (starchy veggie)

Veggies: Pick 2-3, 1/4 cup each


Bell Peppers

Broccoli: riced, roasted, raw

Cauliflower: riced or roasted


Asparagus: steamed or roasted

Radish: sliced

Green Beans


Zucchini/Summer Squash: roasted or spiralized

Red Onion: pickled, sautéed, or raw

Shredded Cabbage


Mushrooms: marinated, raw, or cooked

Add some fruit: 1/4 cup total

Diced Pineapple





1-2 Hard Boiled Eggs (how-to guide)

1 cup Marinated Shrimp (try this shrimp recipe or this recipe)

6-ounces Sustainable Salmon (try this recipe)

1 cup chicken, diced or shredded (make it here)

4-6 ounces steak (try this recipe)

1 cup ground turkey (try this recipe)

1/4 cup Walnuts, Pistachios, Almonds

1/2 cup Beans (starchy protein)

1/3 cup Edamame

Nourishing Add-Ins: (as desired)

Farmhouse Culture Fermented Vegetables, Kraut, or Kimchi


Seeweed, kelp or nori

Dressings: (as desired)

Lemon Vinaigrette

Avocado Crema

Dairy-Dree Caesar Dressing

Green Goddess Dressing

Mint Chia Dressing

Maple Balsamic Vinaigrette


Finishing Touches: (as desired)



Fresh Herbs: Basil, Cilantro, Mint, Thai Basil

Fresh Lemon or Lime Juice

Crispy Chickpeas

Drizzle of Hot Sauce (I like Sriracha on my bowls)

Jalapeno Slices

Cheese: Parmesan, Feta, Cheddar, Goat Cheese, Mozarella balls

How to Build a Nourishing Bowl - Lexi's Clean Kitchen

One of my go-to bowls! Spinach, Cauliflower Rice, Roasted Sweet Potatoes, Kimchi, Strawberries, Avocado topped with Everything Bagel Seasoning, Roasted Broccoli, and Crispy Chickpeas.

This post is sponsored by Farmhouse Culture. All thoughts and opinions are always 100% my own! I love the integrity of their products and think you’ll love them too. Thank you for continuing to support LCK and the brands I work with!


Comment below on what you’d put in your bowl!  Three coupons (good for any Farmhouse Culture product, anywhere sold) to TWO winners. Winners will be picked 9/17 at 12pm EST.

Beyond the Kitchen

Life Lately:

NY Trip, Summer in Boston, Celebrating Life of a Friend

Life has been a little crazy lately. We traveled to NY to celebrate the engagement of two friends and had a blast. We’ve been enjoying summers in Boston and the fresh, delicious seafood that New England has to offer. I think it’s time I do a post on my favorite spots in Boston! We tried Venezia and it was AMAZING. Awesome food, great service.

We’ve been trying to grieve the sudden loss of a great friend of ours and celebrate his life the best we can. It’s hard to post business-as-usual when something so tragic hits our lives. It’s been a really hard week and we are trying to hold up the best we can. A reminder to love fiercely, and be so so kind- every single day. Tell those important to you that you love them. Life is too short and can be so unfair. I’ve been grateful for your kind words over on my Instagram post last week. Also a reminder that sometimes you see the best of people of social media and think their lives are perfect. Trust me, nobody’s life is perfect. Always a good thing to remember when scrolling through your feeds. As always, thank you for being the absolute best. This community is truly amazing.

Jax turned THREE.

How did this little nugget turn into this big nugget? Man, I love this dog so much. Read more here.

One Year of Marriage!

We celebrated one whole year of being married with a lovely dinner at Capital Grille. I mean, they went above and beyond. Rose petals on the table, champagne to start, a dessert platter. It was so so nice. Now we’re off to Nashville for more celebrations! Thanks to all of your recommendations on Facebook we are jam-packed. Nashville travel guide coming SOON.


Wedding posts:

Wedding Recap 1 & 2 | Wedding Hotel Bags

Registry Must-Haves | Engagement Party

Blog Posts I’m loving:

These Oatmeal Raisin Cookies look INSANE. I need them.

Farmer’s Market Tacos? Sign me up!

College-friendly recipes for back to school. A great resource!

How to spiralize cantaloupe – genius!

Going camping? These meals and hiking snack ideas are great!

Basil Whipped Ricotta? I just drooled on my keyboard!

I can SO get behind these slow cooker mushroom tacos!

Songs I’m loving:

I’m still on my country music kick. Especially since we leave for our anniversary trip to Nashville this weekend!

Break Up In A Small Town – Sam Hunt

Homegrown Honey – Darius Drucker

There’s a Girl – Trent Harmon

One Hell of An Amen – Brantley Gilbert

Follow my Country Edition Spotify playlist here!

What’s HOT on Pinterest This Week:

Mexican Street Corn Salad:  Pin it for later

Easy Chia Seed Jam: Pin it for later

Chicken Marsala: Pin it for later

Oven-Baked Zucchini Fries: Pin it for later

Current Must-Haves:

This bralette is everything. I rarely wear regular, underwire bras lately with the purchase of these!

I just got this dress for a wedding and I can’t wait to wear it.

A portable steamer: my travel must-have

These PJ shorts are seriously SO soft. My new obsession.

My new favorite jeans. I just got this pair and this one, and they fit like a glove. 50% off, too!

*Free* Rejuvenating Eye Cream ($75 value) with purchase of $150 through Sunday. Amazing deal!

These are the gummy vitamins I’m taking. My nails have never been stronger! Plus it has methylfolate for my MTHFR gene mutation!

This clutch is so cute for Fall!

My new favorite + fun earrings, discounted!

The best FREE bacon (uncured and sugar-free) + $15 off your first Butcherbox order.

What You May Have Missed:

Grilled Sweet Potato Salad with Honey Mustard Vinaigrette

Cooking for Others: A Guide to Home Cooked Meals

DIY Lunch Pinwheels

Freezer Burritos

Pecan Popcorn Chicken

Happy 3rd Birthday JAX!

How I’m Eating Lately and Let’s Talk Labels

What’s Coming?

5-Ingredient Buffalo Chicken Baked Hummus Dip (gluten-free) - Lexi's Clean Kitchen

Gluten Free Chicken Caesar Pasta Salad - Lexi's Clean Kitchen

Sneaky Veggie Gluten-Free Mac and Cheese-Pecan Breadcrumbs | Lexi's Clean Kitchen

Happy weekend, friends!  Thanks for reading 🙂

Grilled Sweet Potato Salad with Honey Mustard Vinaigrette

Grilled Sweet Potato Salad [paleo-friendly, grain-free, gluten-free] | Lexi's Clean Kitchen

Delicious flavors come together in this Grilled Sweet Potato Salad with Honey Mustard Vinaigrette! Grilled-to-perfect sweet potatoes, aromatic grilled red onion, fresh herbs, and the best creamy dressing to toss it all together with! Serve this as a side at any BBQ or summer gathering, or make it for a weeknight meatless dinner! Made in partnership with Stop & Shop!

I am so excited to bring you today’s blog post in partnership with Stop & Shop. I love their Buy Local campaign throughout their stores right now, and that they work hard to support local New England farmers. As of right now, they offer locally sourced produce from 35 New England farmers! The produce is picked at the farm and the next day it is in stores – you can’t get any fresher than that! Fun fact: Stop & Shop has been supporting local farmers for decades sourcing potatoes, corn, cucumbers, squash, tomatoes, and apples; to name a few!  I shopped at the Watertown, MA location for ALL of the ingredients for this recipe, and the produce for this recipe came from Paquette Farms in Shrewsbury, MA. How cool is that?

Grilled Sweet Potato Salad with Honey Mustard Vinaigrette (Vegetarian & Gluten-Free) - Lexi's Clean Kitchen

First, you’ll need to toss your sweet potatoes with olive oil, salt, and pepper!

Grilled Sweet Potato Salad with Honey Mustard Vinaigrette (Vegetarian & Gluten-Free) - Lexi's Clean Kitchen

Now, while that’s grilling, whisk together your dressing! I love the Nature’s Promise organic line of products that Stop & Shop has. The products are affordable and are a great quality. In this dressing alone we used their Dijon mustard, apple cider vinegar, and wild honey! Even the sweet potatoes are Nature’s Promise! Affordable, delicious, and good quality- my three musts!

Grilled Sweet Potato Salad with Honey Mustard Vinaigrette (Vegetarian & Gluten-Free) - Lexi's Clean Kitchen

Grilled Sweet Potato Salad with Honey Mustard Vinaigrette (Vegetarian & Gluten-Free) - Lexi's Clean Kitchen

Combine, assemble, and devour!

Grilled Sweet Potato Salad with Honey Mustard Vinaigrette (Vegetarian & Gluten-Free) - Lexi's Clean Kitchen

Every bite is flavorful and delicious! Grilling season is my favorite season and if you haven’t grilled sweet potatoes yet, you must! They are SO good. Plus it’s one of those great transitional veggies that’ll get you grilling from Summer into Fall!

Grilled Sweet Potato Salad with Honey Mustard Vinaigrette (Vegetarian & Gluten-Free) - Lexi's Clean Kitchen

Grilled Sweet Potato Salad with Honey Mustard Vinaigrette (Vegetarian & Gluten-Free) - Lexi's Clean Kitchen

Grilled Sweet Potato Salad with Honey Mustard Vinaigrette

Preparation 0:10 2017-09-20T00:10:00+00:00 Cook Time 0:40 2017-09-20T00:40:00+00:00 Serves 4     adjust servings


Grilled Sweet Potatoes

Honey Mustard Vinaigrette

Everything Else

  • 1 large red onion, sliced
  • 1 lime, cut into wedges for serving
  • 1/4 cup parsley or cilantro
  • 1/3 cup chopped scallions
  • Optional: feta cheese
  • Optional: 1 cup black beans, drained and rinsed
  • Optional: crispy bacon


  1. Preheat your grill to 350ºF and grease the grates.
  2. In a large bowl, toss sweet potatoes with oil, salt, and pepper.
  3. Place on grill and let cook for 15 minutes on each side until tender.
  4. While grilling, add all dressing ingredients into your blender and blend until smooth. Set aside.
  5. When the sweet potatoes have 10 minutes left on the grill, add sliced onion to the grill and let cook for 10 minutes or until soft and fragrant.
  6. Once done grilling, gently toss sweet potatoes and grilled onion with dressing (amount as desired).
  7. Assemble: Place sweet potatoes and red onion on a plate. Top with more dressing if desired, feta (optional), black beans (optional), bacon (optional), parsley, cilantro, and scallions. Serve warm or cold with lime wedges.
There may be affiliate links in this post! By clicking on them, or purchasing recommended items I may receive a small compensation, at no cost to you! However, I only recommend products I absolutely love and use in my own home! Thank you for supporting Lexi's Clean Kitchen when you shop! See my disclosure policy for more info!

Want to master the grill this summer? This guide is a good start to becoming a grill master, and not having overcooked (or undercooked) meals!

Grilling 101 - Lexi's Clean Kitchen

This post is sponsored by Stop & Shop. All thoughts and opinions are always 100% my own! I love the integrity of their products and think you’ll love them too. Stop and Shop has an expanded section or organic and natural foods which I am extra excited about! Thank you for continuing to support LCK and the brands I work with!


I am giving way FOUR $50 Stop & Shop giftcards to (4) readers!

Simply comment below with your favorite things to make on the grill to be entered to win! Winners will be picked on September 16th at 12pm EST. US only.

Cooking for Others: A Guide to Home-Cooked Meals & Meal Train Ideas

I recently shared a few ideas about cooking for others (aka home-cooked meals and meal train ideas) and so many of you were looking for more ideas, had ideas to share, and were interested in seeing a guide about it and how I usually go about it!

Cooking for Others: A Guide to Home-Cooked Meals & Meal Train Ideas - Lexi's Clean Kitchen

I am really excited to share this post with you today because I truly think it is a useful tool and resource and filled with great recipes that will help you, help those in need! I’ve been cooking a lot lately for various families so before I jump into the recipes, here are a few tips I’ve gathered.

A few notes about delivering meals:

  • Dietary Restrictions: Always inquire about dietary restrictions before planning the meal! What do the kids hate? What are you hoping to get the kids to eat more of? Does everyone eat meat? Etc.
  • Delivery Time: Text/email/call the coordinator or the family to find out the best time to deliver dinner. Keep in mind that the family is dealing with an important issue (either good in the case of a new baby, or difficult in the case of illness) and may not want to visit with friends, so plan on dropping off on the porch.
  • Disposable Containers: I alway use disposable food containers/trays so the family doesn’t have to clean dishes for me to pick back up!
  • Make it Extra Special: If I have time and depending on the situation, I’ll add chocolates, wine, flowers, or something extra special. If the occasion is a newborn baby, something special for the big brother or sister, like a coloring book, stamps, stickers, or a little game is always a great idea to make them feel extra special. If  I know the person and am in communication with them, I’ll ask them if they need any groceries on my way (milk, etc.)
  • No time to cook? Look into local meal delivery services or restaurants and have a meal delivered! Chip in with friends and figure out a schedule that works.

P.S. Don’t know what a meal train is? Mealtrain.com is a crowdsourcing platform that helps organize home-made meal giving for a friend around a birth, surgery or illness also known as a Meal Train! It’s essentially just a website that helps you organize the process and allows people to sign up for different days, etc.


  1. Granola
  2. Cut Up Fresh Fruit & Yogurt
  3. Frozen Smoothie Packs: Place smoothie ingredients for one serving in freezer-friendly Ziploc bags, label with an expiration date (about 6 months for frozen fruit), and store in the freezer until ready to use!
  4. Freezer Waffles: Pumpkin Waffles, Double Chocolate Banana Waffles, or the Best Ever Waffles in my Cookbook
  5. Freezer-Friendly Pancakes
  6. Frittata: Potato Leek and Chard Frittata, Sweet Potato BLT Frittata
  7. Quiche
  8. French Toast Cups
  9. Breakfast Burritos (freezer-friendly)
  10. Breakfast Parfaits in Mini Mason Jars
  11. Muffins: Cinnamon Bun, Banana Berry, Pumpkin Sticky Bun Muffins, Gingerbread Chocolate Chip Muffins, Chocolate Chip Zucchini Muffins, Coffee Crumb Cake Muffins
  12. Breakfast Cookies
  13. On-The-Go Baked Egg Nests

Main Meals: Lunches & Dinners

  1. Freezer Burritos
  2. Pasta Dishes: Pesto Pasta Salad, Pasta with Meat Sauce, Sausage and Veggie Pasta, Mac and Cheese
  3. A Protein: Grilled Chicken, Steak, Shrimp, Fish
  4. Meatballs: Thai Meatballs, Loaded Turkey Meatballs, Nanny’s Sweet & Sour Meatballs
  5. A batch of soup: Chicken and Kale SoupTurkey Chili, Game Day White Chicken Chili, Healthy Broccoli Soup, Green Chili Vegetable Soup, Feel Good Veggie Soup, Classic Chicken Soup, Butternut Squash Curry Soup, Tomato Basil Soup (with grilled cheese), Slow Cooker French Onion Soup (and send a loaf of bread)
  6. Chicken Nuggets: Zesty Chicken Bites, Pecan Popcorn Chicken
  7. Sheet Pan Dinners: Sheet Pan Buffalo Chicken, Sheet Pan Chicken & Veggies
  8. One Pan Meals: Lemon Garlic Chicken & Rice, One-Pan Indian Spiced Chicken & Cauliflower, One-Pan Fiesta Chicken
  9. DIY Taco Bar or Taco Salads
  10. Casseroles: Spaghetti Squash BakeCreamy Pumpkin Casserole, Sweet Potato Casserole
  11. Slow Cooker Dishes: Caribbean Pulled Chicken Lettuce Wraps, Thai Curry Chicken, Beef Barbacoa, Carne Asada, Slow Cooker Baked Potato Bar
  12. Sausage, Peppers, and Onions
  13. Mason Jar Salads
  14. DIY Lunch Pinwheels
  15. Loaded Egg Salad
  16. Copy-Cat Chipotle Burrito Bowls
  17. Stir Fry
  18. Pre-Made & Wrapped Sandwiches
  19. A Tray of Lasagna

Side Dishes

  1. Tray of Roasted Vegetables: Maple Roasted Brussels SproutsSpiced Roasted Cauliflower, Perfect Roasted Veggies, Garlic Roasted Vegetables
  2. Salads: Arugula Salad with Mint Chia DressingSteak Cobb Salad with Cilantro Vinaigrette, Grilled Caesar Salad
  3. Mexican Street Corn Salad
  4. Israeli Salad
  5. Pasta Salads: Antipasto Pasta SaladBLT Pasta SaladCold Asian Noodle Salad
  6. Sweet Potato Fries, Zucchini Fries, Eggplant Friesor Regular Fries
  7. Instant Pot Risotto
  8. Beet Slaw
  9. Greek 3-Bean Salad
  10. Potato Latkes (makes a lot)
  11. Mediterranean Fritters (makes a lot)


  1. Cut up Veggies & Hummus or Other Dip: Tzatziki Sauce, Spanish Eggplant Dip, Buffalo Chicken Dip, Spinach and Artichoke Dip
  2. Mini Meatloaves 
  3. Chips & Salsa
  4. Salad Roll-Ups
  5. Trail Mix (make a homemade blend of nuts, dried fruit, seeds, and chocolate chunks)
  6. Granola Bars
  7. No-Bake Energy Balls: Nut-Free Powerbites, Mint Chip Bites, Chocolate Chip Cookie Energy Bites
  8. Cookies: Double Chocolate Macadamia Nut CookiesChocolate Chip Cookies, Chai Cookie BarsOatmeal Raisin Cookies
  9. Secret Ingredient Brownies (send a pint of ice cream, too)
  10. Cupcakes
  11. Chocolate Dessert Cups + Fresh Fruit
  12. Bowl of Fruit (pre-cut)


  1. Cold Brew Ice Coffee
  2. A Pitcher of Iced Tea
  3. A Pitcher of Lemonade
  4. Chia Seed Jam
  5. Paleo Sandwich Bread or a Loaf of Bread
  6. DIY Chicken Rub
  7. Wine
  8. Chocolate
  9. Flowers
  10. Fresh Milk (or other groceries)
  11. Non food related: Chip in with friends and hiring a cleaning service!

Have other ideas? Leave them in the comments below!