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We’re sharing some of our favorite Healthy Chicken Breast recipes that the entire family is going to love. These easy quick chicken breast recipes are perfect for weeknight dinners. Plus, we’re sharing our tips for getting the juiciest chicken breasts that don’t taste bland.

Healthy chicken breast recipes.

There is a lot to love about chicken breasts, especially when it comes to quick weeknight dinners. They are relatively inexpensive compared to red meat, they cook quickly, and they can go with just about any meal you put together. Chicken breasts offer a blank canvas to create an easy weeknight dinner, and we’re here for that! We are sharing some of our favorite chicken breast recipes to make getting dinner on the table easy for you and your family.

Mistakes to Avoid When Cooking Chicken Breasts

There is no denying that chicken breasts are one of the most popular meat choice to serve in America–but they’re also one of the easiest pieces of meat to cook badly. Chicken breasts are easy to overcook because they are all white meat and many people who say they don’t like chicken breast likely just don’t like overcooked chicken breasts–and that’s because they are dry and bland. But here at LCL, we’re all about juicy and flavorful chicken breast recipes.

The secret to getting juicy and flavorful chicken is ultimately about not overcooking it. That is the single most important part of cooking chicken breasts, which are lower in fat than their dark meat counterparts.

Here are some tips to making great chicken breast:

Size matters! When it comes to cooking whole chicken breasts, pounding out your chicken to an even thickness (whatever thickness you choose) serves to ensure the chicken breasts cook evenly. That means you won’t have any parts that are overcooked or undercooked.

Season and season ahead of time. If you can, season your chicken breasts ahead of time, even if it’s just 15 minutes and even if it’s just salt. The salt acts as a dry rub and infuses the chicken with that flavor.

Don’t overcook it. Chicken breasts are finished cooking at 165ºF. Once your chicken gets above that temperature, it starts to dry out. So if you are cooking whole chicken breasts, remember that the chicken continues to cook once it’s off the grill/stove/oven so you can remove it about 5-10ºF before it’s officially done for a perfectly cooked piece of chicken.

Bruschetta chicken on a plate.

Easy Weeknight Chicken Breast Recipes We Love

Looking for the quickest chicken breast recipes to get dinner on the table fast? These ones are for you:

Greek kebabs with Greek Salad.

Salad Recipes that Use Chicken Breasts

Salad and chicken truly do go so well together! Here are a few of our favorite salads that use chicken breasts.

Sheet pan chicken pizza.

Recipes Using Leftover Chicken Breast

Have a rotisserie chicken or leftover chicken breasts? These recipes will help you use them up!

Instant pot butter chicken.

International Chicken Breast Recipes

Here are some internationally-inspired chicken breast recipes!

Maple dijon chicken.

Oven Baked Chicken Breast Recipes

We love how easy it is to “set it and forget it” when cooking chicken breasts in the oven! These are some of most popular recipes!

30 minute chicken parm soup

Soups / Stews and Chilis Made with Chicken Breasts

Nothing says comfort (or one-pot cooking) like soups and stews made with chicken breasts!

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Healthy chicken breast recipes.

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